Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court is a low cost, quick and informal way of settling disputes and seeking compensation for faulty goods, poor service or problems relating to credit agents.

The court fee is based on the amount you’re claiming, plus interest. The fees for using a Small Claims Court are:

£35 for claims up to £300
£50 for claims over £300 but not over £500
£70 for claims over £500 but not over £1,000
£80 for claims over £1,000 but not over £1,500
£115 for claims over £1,500 but not over £3,000
£205 for claims over £3,000 but not over £5000
£455 for claims over £5,000 but not over £10,000

In some cases it is cheaper to claim using the Online Claim method. For further information on prices see

Further information and application forms can be obtained from any Court Office or local advice centre can also usually give you advice and an application form. After you have sent in your application form with the fee, the Court will tell you the date, time and place of the hearing. The Court will also send the person you are claiming against (the respondent) a copy of your application. If the Court decides in your favour, it will write to the respondent a few days after the hearing, stating how much they have to pay you.

If the respondent does not pay up within two weeks, you can apply to the Enforcement of Judgments Office (EJO) to try to make them pay. There are fees that you must pay for the EJO to help you. You will not get these back if the EJO is unsuccessful, and so before you take action, you should decide whether applying to the EJO is likely to be worthwhile. For a £6 fee you can ask the EJO to let you know whether there are any outstanding judgments registered in their office against the respondent during the last six years. If there are, you may decide it is not worth pursuing your claim.