There is no special law dealing with funerals. However, funeral directors and those selling funeral plans do come under the general consumer protection laws regarding the supply of services.

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Among other things, the funeral must be carried out with reasonable skill and care, and any claims made by the supplier about themselves, or the service they offer, or the materials they will use, must be delivered upon.


Down to Earth, a project of the charity Quaker Social Action (QSA) runs a helpline for people on low incomes who are worried about the cost of a funeral.

In terms of pricing, and the difficulty some people experience in getting a clear indication of cost, at what is often an upsetting and stressful time, some funeral service providers are signed up to QSA’s Fair Funerals pledge on price transparency.

How to complain

If you have an issue with a funeral, complain to the funeral director first to give them the opportunity to put things rights. If you are not happy with the outcome contact Consumerline on 0300 123 6262.

You may also want to consider taking legal action through the Small Claims Court if you are unhappy with the service received. See our Disputes section.