Environmental Health

Each local Council has an Environmental Health Department (EHD) employing Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) whose job is to enforce environmental health law.

On this page

Your local EHD provides the following services: 

  • Investigating complaints relating to food safety, standards and hygiene
  • Inspecting premises to ensure that they comply with relevant food safety legislation
  • Investigating complaints about the safety of all sorts of consumer products, for example household appliances e.g. fridge freezers and tumble dryers; toys; cosmetics.
  • Ensuring that the standard of accommodation within the private rented sector is of an adequate standard and that landlords are complying with the relevant legislation
  • Dealing with complaints regarding illegal evictions;
  • Enforcing Health and Safety law in workplaces such as retail/wholesale; the hospitality sector and offices
  • Investigating complaints about public health nuisances, for example odours; drainage problems and queries in relation to pests
  • Investigating environmental pollution, including local air quality and noise from domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

Why complain

Environmental Health Departments are happy to hear from consumers regarding issues relating to any of the above functional areas. It can alert them to an issue that might have more widespread implications and therefore have the potential to harm others. 

To find the contact details of your local Council, visit: https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/contacts/local-councils-in-northern-ireland