Double Glazing

Having new windows and doors installed can be expensive. This section explains what the law entitles you to, and how to complain.

What the law says  

When you get double glazing installed, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, you have a right to expect the following:

  • The work should be done with reasonable care and skill;
  • The materials used should be of satisfactory quality, fit for any specified purpose and as described;
  • Unless a price was agreed at the outset, the price charged should be reasonable; and
  • Where no time limit has been agreed, the work should be carried out within a reasonable time.

If the trader organises a credit agreement for you to pay for the double glazing, and you sign the agreement off trade premises, you may be able to cancel or withdraw from the contract.

How to complain

If there’s a problem with the installation of the double glazing, or the materials used, you should try to get it resolved with the installer in the first instance.

If you cannot come to a suitable agreement, check if the installer is a member of a trade association. One of the largest is the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). Members of the GGF work to a Code of Practice and the Federation operates a free conciliation service and an independent arbitration scheme.

Conciliation is where an outsider looks into a dispute and tries to get an agreed settlement. Arbitration is where an outsider decides who is right. The contact details are shown below.

If there are no other means to resolve the dispute, you may have to consider taking your case to the Small Claims Court or the County Court, depending on the amount you’re claiming. Claims up to £3,000 can be brought to the Small Claims Court. See also our Disputes section.