Aggressive Practices

A commercial practice is aggressive if it causes a consumer to reach a decision about goods or services that they may otherwise not have made, had they not been subjected to harassment, coercion or undue influence.

Example: A doorstep trader who pressurises you to pay in cash for home repairs and brings you to the bank to withdraw cash immediately.

In addition, The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 introduced 31 specific banned practices. These include:

  • faking credentials e.g. claiming to be a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation when they are not;
  • falsely stating that a product will only be available for a very limited time; using scare tactics;
  • falsely claiming that a product is able to cure illness, dysfunction or malformations;
  • describing a product as ‘free’ when in fact the consumer has to pay to claim the prize;
  • creating the impression that the consumer cannot leave the premises until a contract is signed; or
  • including in an advertisement a direct message aimed at children to buy advertised products or persuade their parents or other adults to buy advertised products for them.