Your consumer rights when buying digital content

When the law was updated on 1 October 2015 with the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act, it provided consumer protection for things that can go wrong with digital content sales.

These include downloaded or streamed music, films, games, e-books and smart phone apps. It also applies to digital content installed or used in household appliances and cars etc.

As with ‘physical’ goods, digital content must be:

  • of satisfactory quality

  • fit for a particular purpose

  • as described.

If not, you have the right to a repair or replacement of the digital content you've bought.  If neither of those options are possible, or they do not fix the problem, you can ask for a reduction in price, up to the full amount depending on the circumstances.

If the faulty digital content damages any device, or corrupts other digital content you own, the trader will have to compensate you. This applies even if that content was provided free of charge, such as a free trial.